In explaining why I chose Collie, I should make a true declaration of love to this extraordinary dog.

What the Collie is like and who should choose it:

Scottish Shepherd or the Collie is an incredibly beautiful, regal, strong and agile dog. Everything about him to me is pure poetry and harmony: his little ears mirror what the dog feels, changing his expression: if the ears are straight with the tips down, the dog takes on a proud, dreamy expression. When the ears are brought back, a Collie’s expression becomes very sweet and docile that leaves you no choice: you have to pet the dog, making it overjoyed.

Our sheepdog has an elongated and elegant muzzle, a long and strong neck, a beautiful tail, and the rich coat of one of the existing varieties, each of which has its own charm… About the coat: many people don’t imagine it, but it is not at all difficult to take care of a Collie’s coat! Weekly brushing, paying attention to the finest hairs behind the ears. Bathing can be done not too often, even a couple of times a year, using the right products. The coat of a house-dwelling Collie is always clean and never smells bad! Even when the dog gets dirty or wet, after a quick dry, the coat comes back shining brighter than ever!

Knowing the Scottish Shepherd well, its description in the breed standard becomes similar to a fairy tale, where the Collie is certainly a beautiful protagonist to fall in love with.

So, are you looking for an active, athletic dog who can do a variety of dog activities? Collie is just like that!

Do you want to have a docile and patient dog, good with children and other animals you already have? Collie is the right choice!

Do you need to find a dog that fits a big city? A Collie is perfect for living with you in an apartment and accompanying you to clubs, malls and fairs!

Do you live in the country and would like a dog that loves to have fun in your backyard and take long walks in the fields? The Scottish Shepherd is for you!

Can you tell me that these descriptions are a bit contradictory? Eh no, because the Collie is all that! It is a versatile dog that adapts to all these situations. You just need to ask your trusted breeder to select a puppy for you that has the characteristics you are looking for.

There is one thing, however, if you want to have a Scottish Shepherd that is described above: you must be ready to share your life with your Collie, making him part of your family! Never must you exclude it, isolate it in outer space, treat it too rigidly. Your dog is quite intelligent and alert; he senses your mood from the tone of your voice, how you move and how you feel. So do not mortify him, have respect for his sensitivity because The Collie is connected to your soul with an invisible thread, he is a good and generous elf whom you have brought into your home to meet an immense dog, a King of Dogs (I am definitely biased here), a pure and innocent soul who lives only for you.

So, have you realized that you cannot live without a Collie? Happy and wonderful life together, friends!